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The History Of The Game Monopoly

Players control game pieces around a square game surface, securing and purchasing streets before buying houses and hotels to develop them, and earn money from other players.

 The game comes to an end when only one player remains due to the other players either running out of money, or when 1 person owns all the properties on the game board.

 Monopoly can be traced right back to the 20th century. Created originally by the American named Elizabeth Magie sometime around 1903, it involved the purchasing, selling and developing of land.
 This game changed over the years until around 1934 where a game based on a property board very similar to todays game was being played.

 All through the 1970's there were lots of court battles over the Monopoly name and brand, lots of people credited the creation of Monopoly with a man named Charles Darrow, to the extent that he had his name published with the game instructions. To this day hardly anyone before Charles Darrow are credited with even contributing to the design and expansion of the popular board game.

 Monopoly championships first started in the late 1970's and continue to be quite popular to the present day, with a Monopoly world championship scheduled to start sometime in 2014.

 Monopoly has many official international spin-offs, and even games where players may create their own version based on your local village, or even make up your own cities entirely.
 Hasbro which is the current owners of the Monopoly brand also publishes interactive and electronic Monopoly games. Casino games and gambling machine games have been created over the years using the Monopoly game ideas, as well as popular phone versions.

 In the UK, McDonalds (the fast food restaurant) have a game based on Monopoly that gets diners to collect properties off of drinks and food items to win prizes.

 One of the quirky and unique game play elements of Monopoly are the players playing counters moved around the game board. Items such as hats, boats, cars and boots are all unique creations for the Monopoly game. Many people have a piece they like to always use to play with, even though this has no effect or outcome on any game.

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